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  • 18 August 2022
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Hi,  I am wondering - when I send an email via campaigns and select 3 segments to send to, do i have to worry about a recipient who is in 2 or more of the segments getting 2 emails from the campaign or will smart sending take care of that.


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You should never worry about this happening because Klaviyo won’t send same email to same person multiple times. if you notice under segments to exclude Klaviyo is counting number of recipients and those are number of people that will receive this email. So if you add segment with 1000 people and another segment with 1000 people but 100 people are in both segments you will see that the number showing is 1900 and not 2000 because those 100 people are only counted once.

Smart sending is different thing. It is to stop people receiving more than 1 email in certain amount of time. If you haven’t edited this option it usually is set to 16 hours as basic. So if people received another campaign, or email from a flow in the last 16 hours they won’t receive this campaign if you turn it ON.

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Hi Bobi N

Thanks so much -- gee I looked all through the support docs and couldn't find that info.

Appreciate that.





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Hi @simonb


Yes, @Bobi N. did a great job answering this! Additionally, I found this documentation on how Klaviyo calculates expected recipients when sending a campaign to multiple lists or segments that might give more insight to this feature.


Have a great day!