Email did not send but are under the "scheduling" status

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I sent out 3 emails today each time I clicked “send now,” and each email only had 1 recipient. However, none of the emails have been sent and all are still under the status of “scheduling.”

Why is this the case and how can I avoid this?




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Hi @eeti were you sending out campaigns?

Usually when you’re sending out campaigns you have the option to schedule your campaign to be sent out at a later date. 

It might be worth checking the date in which is on the campaign, if its not set for today’s date it will show as “Scheduled” 

Hope this helps

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Hi @jocelyn8 

Yes, they are campaigns. Instead of selecting the option to schedule the email, I selected the option to send now for all of them. Even when I look at their status now it mentions scheduling with the date being “May 31st” and time mentioned has already passed.




Yup, I’ve just had the same issue, been trying to send an email 3 times, send now on each, but stuck in scheduling.


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Hi @eeti and @GusMcLean I’ve just done a test on my end and it seems to be a bug on Klaviyo’s side.

As far as I know, this has been reported and Klaviyo is working on fixing it. 

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Thanks @jocelyn8 I appreciate it. Could you please let us know once the issue has been fixed?



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Hello @eeti and @GusMcLean,

To provide more clarification on @jocelyn8’s point. 

Our engineering team did identify an issue where we started to see some email campaigns getting delayed. However, as of 11:00AM EST all scheduling and sending began to normalize and all previous instances have been resolved. Impacted campaigns should be sending on their own.

There’s no need to cancel and/or clone any campaigns that may have been delayed.

We appreciate your patience and thanks for being a part of our Klaviyo Community!



I’m having the same issue as the others right now. Hit ‘send now’ and it gets stuck in a scheduling status and never sends. 


In fact I just tried to schedule one since I can’t send now and 3 minutes after the campaign was supposed to send it’s still in a Scheduling status and hasn’t sent. So everything is getting stuck in a scheduling status and I can’t send any emails 🤦‍♂️