Email flow not recording opens or clicks

  • 20 September 2021
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Hi There

I have launched a welcome email flow. It has worked as I have received it myself and other members of the business have received and opened it. However Klaviyo is not recording any opens or clicks?


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5 replies

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Hi @Ebonie,

Although you are not a paid account, you still have access to our email support! 

Email support is available between 6 am–10 pm ET on weekdays and 10 am–4 pm ET on weekends. 

From any main page within Klaviyo, click Support in the top menu bar. 

Under Message Support, click Send a Message.

Once you have clicked into Support from menu, there are options for Courses, Live Trainings, Documentation, Community, Message Support, and Chat Support

Then, draft an email to our Support team describing what you need help with. Make sure to CC any additional recipients, select a category for your request, enter a subject and description for your question, and attach any applicable files.

Once you are ready to send your support request, click Send.

I will go ahead and create a support ticket for you but in the meantime, please keep us updated with any fixes you may find.


Thank you!


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Hi @alex.hong 

Unfortunately I’m not using a paid account at the moment, so the support systems is limited. I have sent screenshots above as per Manny’s suggestion. Hoping you both can help.

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Hi @Mailbox Manny 

Here is a screenshot, it now only says it was delivered to 1 record, however I know it has been delivered to more. Also when I go into view analytics it shows only 1 delivered but multiple opens and clicks. Screenshots below...



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Hi @Ebonie,


What an odd situation indeed. There could be different reasons why this problem is occurring. For instance, clicks might not be recorded due to the lack of a link, but we would not know that without seeing entire flow set up. If you do feel comfortable, I would follow Manny’s suggestion so we can get a better idea of what might be going on.

Additionally, please feel free to reach out to our Support team if you want a deeper, personalized dive into your account and problem!


Looking forward to hearing back,


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Hmm, that's odd! When you go into your flow analytics, do you see subscribers being sent the email? Can you send a screenshot of your flow with show analytics turned on.