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  • 6 December 2021
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I have set up a flow in my klaviyo account. But the emails are not being sent to the subscribers? None of the flows are sending emails ( I have set up correct triggers) 


Can someone please help?


Best answer by alex.hong 7 December 2021, 00:34

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Hey there @harsh,

Welcome to the Community! I hope to provide some insight into why your flow might not be sending.

In your flow analytics, are you seeing that any emails were skipped? In the tab you should see the reasoning for why people were skipped. If the emails are not sending at all, one thing that might be going on is that the list has double opt-in set up, which means that we won't add a customer to the list unless they confirm that their subscription. If you can reply with additional info or screenshots, that would help pinpoint the answer. We would need more information as with general questions like this, we cannot go into your account and would need more info to come to a conclusion.


Thank you,


Hey I got the issue resolved.The newsletter was set up for double opt in. I have changed it. Thanks for your help! :)

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Thanks @harsh for letting us know here at the Community how you got the issue resolved!

Have a good rest of your day,


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Hey @alex.hong 


I got the same problem however the list that we created do have single opt-ins. But still, I couldn’t send emails with the flow. I hope you can help me. 



@veejaybee did you ever resolve this? I am facing a similar issue.

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Hello @TexasMagnolia I did already. I just clicked Manage Flow > Add past profiles > At the beginning.


So my subscription is double opt-in and the flow doesn’t work even if the subscription is confirmed. why is that?