Email not sending

  • 16 September 2023
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Email not sending, despite showing “yes”. Need help!

Thanks in advance.

Ersoy Sahin

Falcon Turkiye


2 replies

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Hi @Falcon Turkiye, welcome to the community.

Are you referring to “sending” in a Campaign, or in a Flow?  Or are you referencing a Preview Test Send email?  Is there any way you can give us more explanation of what you’re seeing or trying to do or perhaps give us a screenshot so we can better help you?


Joseph Hsieh // // twitter: @retenion 



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Hey @Falcon Turkiye,

If the email is marked as sent, I would also suggest checking your promotion or spam folder. It’s not surprising for emails to land in the promotion folder, especially if your content is marketing in nature. You can learn more about this behavior from our Understanding Gmail's tabbed inbox Help Center article.