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  • 1 September 2022
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Hi All,

I want to set up a flow that triggers when a contact has not Opened or Clicked any email in the last 90 days. There would be multiple emails in the stream, so if a contact Opens or Clicks on an email at any point throughout the journey I want them to exit. Can someone check over to make sure I set up this properly? Appreciate all the help. 

This is what I have setup so far:


The “Flow_Email-Re-Engagment_90-Days” segment logic is as follows:




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3 replies

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Hey @John Parker, welcome to the community. 


So, with your Flow Filter, the logic is backwards.  The way to think about Flow Filters in natural language is “If this is TRUE, let them pass to the next step. If this is FALSE, kick them out”.


Right now, it’s saying only let people pass on to the next step in this flow if they’ve opened, clicked and bounced over 4 times since starting this flow. 

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Thanks for helping me out! Here is the new filter logic I came up with. Look good? Appreciate all the help



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Hi @John Parker, looks good.


Right now, to confirm, it’ll keep subscribers in this flow if they didn’t open AND didn’t click AND bounced less than 4 times.  If you want to get more people in here, you could change engagement metric to an OR.  Also, careful with the open metric, with the privacy changes by Apple, this can be tricky to track.