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  • 2 January 2022
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I spent a few weeks to schedule A LOT of emails for the next 2 years.

Now, I would like to sort all these scheduled emails by “scheduled date”, so I can easily see when will be sent the next emails. 

But I don’t know how to do that.

Second option, I would like to have a “calendar” view. How to do that ?

I think this is a very important feature.



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2 replies

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Hi @MontaleFabio,

Thanks for sharing this question with us in the community.

In terms of your first question, you can use the filter status of “Scheduled” from the Campaigns tab to only display campaigns in the “Scheduled” status. Next, select Sort by Last Sent or First Sent to arrange all scheduled campaigns. Last Sent will display the campaign the furthest time away from scheduled send time at the top and First Sent will display the next campaign scheduled to be sent out and subsequent campaigns to be sent out at later times below.

In terms of your second question, we don’t currently have a calendar view available but it is in the works :). There is no current hard timetable on a release just yet.

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Hi Dov,


Perfect, thank you !