Emails not being listed in conditional split triggers

  • 8 July 2023
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Hi everyone,

Here is a flow I’m working on right now for my focus group:

  1. Sends out a welcome email
  2. Waits a day
  3. Sends out the first survey
  4. Waits 2 days
  5. (What I’m trying to get to work right now) Conditional split: If a person hasn’t clicked the link in the first survey email, then send a reminder. If they have, continue

When I select “Person has ‘Clicked Email’” and I try to add where subject is “1st survey,” nothing pops up. 

I created the 1st survey email through the flow, instead of making a campaign for it. 


I suppose my only real question is do I need to create all of the campaigns for these emails first AND THEN I can make a flow for it? I was hoping I was create this flow with all of my emails created within the flow when I configure it, and then simply add everyone to the list and have the flow automatically start working.



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4 replies

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Hi @kevinhbm 

Thank you for your question in the Klaviyo Community! 😊

I have looked into this for you and can certainly see that this is happening and how much of a longer path it could be.
Not to worry, it seems other Community Members have had the same experience as you and one of our lovely previous Champions has a great solution!
Here is a link to their response: 

I hope this helps you too!



Oh wow that’s awesome, and thank you for the insanely fast response!!

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You’re most welcome! 

Good Luck for your flow building 😊

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@kevinhbm  Typically, Klaviyo can’t recognize things that haven’t happened yet. So if that email has never been sent, it won’t show up in the drop down of the filter.

Instead, I would use the email ID, it’s letters and numbers that will show in the URL bar when you’re editing the email instead, as it’s always unique. 

You should be able to copy and paste the email ID into the filter, just make sure there is no space at the front. And it will work once the email is sent. 

You can also trigger the flow to get it to recognize it. Put a trigger filter with your own email. Just make sure you delete that email from Klaviyo first if you’re already on the list that triggers that list/segment because you can’t trigger those more than once. 


Hope that helps!