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Hey everyone, I changed my flow to repeat monthly and it seems that the test list is stuck on the 30th of June and didn’t actually send any emails. 

It says 2 emails waiting. 

EmailAutoStartDate is 1st of March 2022


Is there any reason why the email was not delivered to the 2 recipients at the start?




Best answer by Manny Singh 5 July 2022, 04:32

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If you click on Waiting you can get more info on when that email is scheduled to go out.  My guess would be that 121 days have not passed since they were triggered to enter the flow. 


Here’s a Klaviyo help article that details this situation:


This first step could be an action, like an email, or it could be a logic assessment, like a conditional split. 

  • If there is no time delay before this first step, you will see the recipient quickly move through the step and be scheduled for the next step.
  • If you have a time delay before this first step, the recipient will remain in a Waiting area until the scheduled time arrives. The "scheduled" state for a recipient is the Waiting state. 

A recipient is only scheduled for one step in a flow at a time if the flow is live. 

Let's say your flow is set up to send Email #1 in a flow after 1 hour, and Email #2 after 1 day. Someone new entering the flow will be in the Waiting bucket for Email #1 until an hour passes.


Send us a screenshot of what it says when you click Waiting. 

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Many thanks for your reply @Mailbox Manny 


I have checked the scheduled dates as per you mentioned and it says 30 Oct 2022. 


This does not make sense as the EmailAutoStartDate is 1st March 2022 and 121 days after that is 30 June 2022. 


My best guess of what’s happening here is 121 days after the 1st of July falls onto the 30th of October and because this was setup to be monthly it’s counting it from the 1st date of the month (1st July on this case) instead of the EmailAutoStartDate.


It seems the monthly flow repeat is overriding EmailAutoStartDate and starting the flow on the 1st of the month. 


Ideally I wanted to repopulate this every month with new subscribers automatically because the yearly option was not triggering so I opted for the monthly one thinking it would respect the EmailAutoStartDate but it clearly does not. 


I guess there is no other way to automatically populate the list other than manual back-populate?

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Hmmm, I'm not 100% sure how it works with subscribers entering the monthly flow, but I'm thinking because you have the logic of telling Klaviyo to repeat it monthly but then also wait 3 months to send an email that something is getting broken there. 


Maybe the recurring monthly is not the best option in this scenario.