Enabling contact to go through a flow twice

  • 26 February 2024
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Hello there!

My client created a free meditation as a lead magnet and we’d like to allow contacts to go through the flow more than once. Our setup is currently a simple form that subscribes the contact into a list, and there’s only one confirmation email in the flow. 

Thanks in advance! Let me know if you need more info.

5 replies

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Hey @SQ Assistance 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Is the flow triggered by the list? As it states in this help center article : How to create a list triggered flow, profiles can only move through a list triggered flow once. They can not be added back in. Is this only 1 email you want to send multiple times if needed? If its the same email being sent, what is the benefit of sending it multiple times if the customer already has the email? This can potentially negatively impact deliverability. If there is a business case for it, I would love to dive deeper into what the expected behavior is from the customers (ie do customers signup multiple times for this email or are you targeting unopened sends?) to see what their journey is like so we can adapt the signup and flow process to meet it!


Hello Stephen!

Yes, the flow is triggered by someone added to a list. I did see the article and a few other posts, so I totally understand the purpose of this. However, in the case of my client’s business, someone might want to get the freebie more than once, and we are totally fine with this. On a “personal” note, the lead magnet is a meditation, and we encourage people to do it often. Yes, they can of course download the file, and we even give the option of YouTube video, which they can save. But we do know that not everyone saves their emails and downloads properly in order to retrieve them back easily. That’s why, we’d like to see the option of a contact going through a flow more than once.

I hope these details can help!

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Hey @SQ Assistance 

Thanks for the additional details. Definitely helps! Totally makes sense to offer a free meditation multiple times if someone wants/needs it.

I have one more follow up question. How will a customer indicate that they want the freebie again? Know this will determine if you need to setup another flow, or just make changes to your current one.



Hi again, Stephen!

To answer your question, we have just assumed that they would subscribe to the form (thus the list, thus the flow) again.

Hi there, 

I would also love to know if there is a way around this. 

We offer sample downloads via a Klaviyo form on our site. People often forget they have downloaded the sample, come back fill out the form again, then don’t receive anything as they have already been through the flow before. 

It would be great to know a way of letting people go through a form/list triggered flow more than once.