Enabling store staff to communicate with local customers

  • 11 February 2022
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I was wondering if anyone has managed to enable their colleagues in store to communicate with local customers, either in a 1-to-many way (advertising special offer / events for example) or in a 1-2-1 way (private shopping follow-up for VIPs)?

Either using Klaviyo directly or integrating another platform/app to Klaviyo to manage data capture and management (permissions) in one place. 




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3 replies

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Hey there @Leo Pure Electric,

Thanks for posting to the Community and I’d love to inquire more about this.

Slightly confused on your ask so could I get some clarification on what you are trying to achieve? I’m not sure what you are referring to when you say enable colleagues in store to communicate with local customers.

Are you looking for a way to send emails to VIPs specifically or to organize people into a list for special offers to send one email to many people?

You could manage customers using lists and segments and then use Flows for these groups. If I could just get clarification on these + your end goal that would be great.


Looking forward to your response,


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Hi Alex, 


Thanks for your answer. 


We have 18 stores here in the UK and our products are high value items (up to £5k) so it’s important for our store staffs to have a strong relationship with our customers. We do capture customer data in-store and wish to enable our store staffs (literally, those selling in the physical store) to be able to continue their conversation via email, sms, whatsapp, as they know exactly what the customer was after and can really tailor the message. Similar to B2B activation. 

So I’m after an activation platform, where each of our stores can see “their” customers only (i.e. those who shopped or visited their store) and where they can communicate to them all in one go or on a 121 basis. 


I’m not sure this is an out of the box solution for Klaviyo but was wondering if anyone had a similar ask and found a solution, plugging in a different platform to Klaviyo to be able to action (Klaviyo being the data repository / management platform here). 



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Hi there @Leo Pure Electric,

Thanks for the explanation. In this case, I think what you could do is (if you have not already) create a method to tagging profiles that come into each store with a tag that shows the location that the customer is in. For example, if you were using shopify, it needs to be configured by Shopify as we can't change the settings on Shopify's tags. Once Shopify support add a tag to identify the store into the customer's Shopify profile, that will be synced to Klaviyo and it can be used for Segmentation purposes.

Alternatively, if the store is going located in a different Town, you can use the $city property on a customer's profile as filter. If you do this, please be aware that if the customer makes a purchase online and is not in the same town as the store when they do this, the location in the profile will change so they will be removed from the segment.


You could also export these segments of different store customers as CSVs and have that data either given to all your staff at respective stores or hopefully there is some “activation platform” that we can connect to.