Ensure new subscribers in welcome flow don't receive regular emails

  • 28 December 2021
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I currently have a welcomes series flow for new subscribers to a segment. I use that same segment for my regular campaigns. How can ensure the new subscribers don’t start getting the regular campaigns until they have gone through the welcome program?


Best answer by Bobi N. 29 December 2021, 08:38

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This is a bit complicated to make it work 100% correct.. but I can give 2 suggetions that can work still:

  • add property on the end of the welcome flow and than adjust the campaign segment to only send campaigns to people who have that property. There is only one problem here.. this wont work if you have any flow filters for the welcom flow that will alow people to go out of the flow and not finish it.. for this to work you must remove all flow filters so all people will finish the flow and at the end of the flow they will get the property.
  • the other option is more simple but still not 100% accurate. Count the time delays of your welcome flow to see how long it lasts. Let say it is 10 days from the moment people subscribe. Than you will create segment of people who are created in the last 10 days.. and always exclude this segment from the campaigns