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  • 11 November 2020
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I run an event company and I want to create a flow of emails that the customer receives when they enter the event. The last email they will get is two weeks before the event date and is the most important (the others are news and offers from sponsors and tips etc)

The problem I have is that some people enter the event WITHIN the two week period BEFORE the event and will miss the date that I set in the flow.

How can I ensure that customers who do this can still receive the final instructions email without me having to send it manually?

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Best answer by Alexandra Edelstein 12 November 2020, 01:17

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Hey Claire! Are you using a Date-Based Flow, counting down to your event date? If so, you could add an additional final instructions email to send the day before the event — if you didn’t want customers to get it twice, you could add an Additional Filter to skip anyone that received the first email. I hope that helps! If you’ve setup your flow differently, let me know, happy to help brainstorm solutions!