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  • 17 September 2021
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Hi Klaviyo
I am trying to access attributes of an Order into an email template.
{{ event.extra.attributes.delivery_date }} doesn’t seems to work.
Do you have any idea?
Thank you!


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2 replies

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Hi Goodin, didn’t know that was an attribute.  I just checked all the attributes in a preview for one of my subscribers in the post purchase flow and didn’t see delivery_date in there (but the order hasn’t been shipped yet). 


Curious, what’s the trigger on this flow? Do you see that attribute when you preview the subscriber info? (let me know if you don’t know where to find this).  Also, how are you using this attribute within the flow?

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Hi @goodin,

Thanks for reaching out to the Klaviyo Community! I definitely agree that it would be helpful to know the answers to the 3 questions that @Mailbox Manny outlined! To help you troubleshoot the question about how to see if the attribute is included in the flow’s triggering event, you’ll want to preview that event and look for the event property of {{ event.extra.attributes.delivery_date }}. Here is our help article on how to pull dynamic data (metric properties) into flow messages from events syncing with Klaviyo.

Hope this helps!