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  • 18 April 2023
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Hi, I’m struggling to find resources within Klaviyo to show how to properly implement event variables in flows. The 2 resources I keep coming across in posts are dead pages:

How to Insert a Dynamic Image in an Event-Based Flow Email

How to Build Dynamic Blocks in a Flow Email (new editor)

Are there updated resources that show how to format event variables in flows?


The problem I’m having is with my Add to Cart Abandoned email flow (not Checkout Started Abandoned email flow). The product image and price don’t show the correct variant of the product the customer abandoned. The out of the box template for the Add to Cart trigger Abandoned flow use {{ event.Price }} for price and {{ event.ImageURL }} for the product image. However, the lowest price and smallest size are being displayed when previewing the email (btw, I’m using Shopify). 

When I look at the event property variables for the products added to the cart, the correct variable shown for the price is: {{ event.items.1.final_line_price|default:'' }}. That variable showed an error message. I also tried {{ event.final_line_price }} and {{ item.final_line_price }} and neither option will appear in the preview. 

Can you please tell me what the correct convention is to be able to display the correct price?

Also, can you explain why the Add to Cart Abandoned email flow only shows one product in the email (despite several products in the customers shopping cart) and why the Checkout Started Abandoned email flow shows multiple items?

Thank you! I appreciate your help.




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Hi @bill_wishgarden,

I love these variables but getting them right can be a pain sometimes.

So you go the variables but did these also have any data?

Can you share some screenshots or data from that event?

As for getting the added to cart information correct in Klaviyo I suggest talking to a developer to help you with making sure that the selected added to cart information is getting send to Klaviyo otherwise you won't be able to do much. From what I've seen so far the default indeed pulls in the lowest price. 

The deluxe version would be not to send only an added to cart but also include the cart contents in that event. I know a developer should be able to code this up pretty easily.

Hope this helps a bit.


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Thank you @Omar. I made some silly mistakes and got everything figured out. The biggest mistake was that the block I was using was a “Split” block and not a table. 


Thanks again!