Eventbrite flow not sending all emails in flow

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Hi there 

This is my first post in here so please forgive me if I make a mistake. 

I’ve set up a flow to invite people from a list to register to attend an event via Eventbrite. Email 1 has been sent to the backdated contacts correctly. The next step isn’t working though. Once they register for the free event on Eventbrite there is a time delay of 5 minutes before sending a thank you and next steps email (email 2) Even though someone has registered via Eventbrite they have not received Email 2. What am I doing wrong, please? 

My second question is since this is a monthly recurring event should I be using a list or a segment??

Very confused!


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Hi @Emmington, are there any flow filters that might be preventing your subscribers from getting the next email? I would also double check the individual email flow filters on email 2 to make sure there aren’t any filters set up there. 

As to your second question - there are a couple different options. If you use a segment, then anyone added to the segment will only receive the flow once, when they join the segment. If that’s your intention, then it’s fine. If it’s a different event that people have to register for every month, a list would probably be better, and you would need to clone the flow each month with the updated list as the trigger. 
The other option would be to still use a segment based on joining a list, and you would need to update the segment each month to include the newest list for that month’s event. 

Hope this helps!

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Hi, Thank you for replying so quickly. I’ve tried to keep the whole thing as simple as possible since this is my first attempt so I’ve tried to minimise the use of filters. Hopefully you can see the image I’ve attached to this reply. This is the flow as it stands. I’d really appreciate your feedback. I have a lot to learn!


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Hey @Emmington 

Welcome and thank you so much for asking the Klaviyo Community for help with this! @KatherineB is right! It is usually a flow filter that causes an email to not send (skip a profile). However if you look at your flow analytics for each email, if you click into recipient activity you can see how many people are in the que waiting, how many people who need review, people who were delivered to and skipped. 

From the message analytics dashboard you can find the reasons why customers are being skipped and this will help you figure out if its your list or flow filters that are creating the issue. As Eventbrite syncs in real time, the time delays are most likely not the problem. So i would check your analytics again to find what the reason is for the messages being skipped. 


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Hi, Thanks for jumping in here. No one has been skipped. According to Eventbrite only one ticket has sold (they're free so it’s just a registration). I’ve tracked the individual’s behaviour in this flow and the only difference I can see is that as well as having bought the ticket he also updated it and I have no idea what updating an Eventbrite ticket means.

This is the conditional split at present. From my understanding there should be 1 next to yes and 31 next to No or should that be Waiting?


This is the activity of the individual who registered for the event since joining this flow:


I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll be able to other people rather than just be the one asking for help. Thank you so much.


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@Emmington wondering if it is the time delay after the first email. The way conditional splits work, immediately after the first email Klaviyo checks whether the person has satisfied the condition of your split. This means that with a 5 minute delay, if the person hasn’t bought the ticket within 5 minutes of opening the email, they are sent down the “no” path. Even if they buy the ticket after that time period, they have already been designated as going down the “no” path so they don’t receive the follow up email. Wondering if it might be a good idea to send email 2 in a separate flow triggered by buying a ticket, that way anyone who buys the ticket will get sent the next email no matter what. 

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Good thinking! I hadn’t thought of that. I’ve checked and he’s currently sitting in the queue to receive email# 3 but now that you’ve mentioned the 5 minute time limit that makes sense. This is all going to get  very complicated sorting all this out every month! 

I didn’t know that the trigger to start a flow could be a purchase of a ticket in eventbrite. Thank you.

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Hi there I’ve reorganised the flow but whilst 34 should be showing in Email 3 only 25 are. How will I find out what’s happened to my missing 9 and make sure they drop from email 1 to email three assuming they don’t register for a ticket? 

Many thanks once again.