Exclude products from abandoned cart emails

  • 13 February 2021
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@retention this is super useful, is there any way we can add multiple tags in the if statement? 

I tried adding “ or ‘tag2’ “ but that does not work obviously… Or maybe are other product attributes than tags we can use this in this statement like if the product belongs to a collection? I also tried item.product.collection and iten.product.collections but that did not work either.


{% if 'tag1' or ‘tag2’ in item.product.tags %}


{% endif %}


A million thanks in advance!

Are you able to apply this coding to SMS text messages for AC too?
And I am guessing the code works for Browse Abandonment Flows as well?


Please advise.



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Hey @bill_wishgarden 

So glad to hear it worked for you!

Hey great Community, 

I have the same issue with excluding our “Shipping Insurance” from Klaviyo abandoned cart emails. I changed the codes provided in this conversation before: 


{% if not 'ac_exclude' in item.product.tags %}
<h3><a href="{{ organization.url }}products/{{ item.product.handle }}">{{ item.product.title }}</a></h3>
<p>Anzahl : {{ item.quantity|floatformat:0 }} &mdash; Total: {% currency_format item.line_price|striptags|floatformat:2 %}</p>
{% endif %}


and changed the image to the provided dynamic variables: 


{% if not 'ac_exclude' in item.product.tags %}{% if item.product.variant.images.0.src %}{{item.product.variant.images.0.src}}{%else%}{{item.product.images.0.src|missing_product_image}}{%endif%}{%endif%}

It worked fine that the product is not included anymore but all orders what had included the “Insurance” have now the product name with this small sample image on the left bottom under the normal images. I have absolutely no idea how to remove that? Can anybody help me out? Thanks so much!!




Is there a way to exclude a product by using the URL of the product (or part of it) in the code?

Thank you

@retention Thanks for providing your solution. I wanted to know if you could help me make your solution work when combined with the code I added to the dynamic AC block image to unpublish out of stock items. Here’s the documentation I followed:

When I follow your solution I am successfully able to remove the product text from showing in a preview. But since I have the “unpublish out of stock” code in the text block where the image block once was, I’m not sure where to add your code to make it work. Here’s what my AC dynamic block looks like: 

Hope this makes sense. Thanks!