Excluding Conversions from Campaign Performance

  • 30 August 2021
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Hi everyone, 

I have a question regarding a topic based on the metrics of a campaign performance. Is it possible to exclude a order from the Conversion Metric - Ordered Product ? Because we have an issue with one order which was created from someone of our team. Unluckily he has opened and clicked the newsletter we have sent to him, because he is this specific list. Therefore Klaviyo collects his information and assigns the order to this campaign, but in reality the order wasn’t made due to the reason that he has received this newsletter. In the following this falsifies our statistics. 

Does anyone know how to exclude an order from those metrics? 




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Hello @TimWolf,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

At present there would not be a way to exclude an order from being attributed to a specific campaign or email. I’ve also explained this in a prior Community post touching upon the same topic which other members of the Community have chimed in with their suggestions on this matter below:

Going forward, I would suggest adding this internal team member to a specific list and using this specific list as an exclusion group for your campaign sends. This would allow you to exclude your internal team members from receiving specific campaign emails and this preventing the risk of them making purchases that would be attributed to the campaign. I would further recommend taking a look at the Understanding Conversion Tracking and How to Send a Campaign to Multiple Lists or Segments Help Center articles to further understand Klaviyo’s attribution model and how to apply a list or segment as an exclusion group to your campaigns. 

In addition to sharing your thoughts with our Product Team, I’ll follow up to this post with any updates from our teams regarding this feature of being able to omit certain sales from being attributed an email. 

I hope this helps!