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  • 5 January 2022
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HI everyone-I am new to klaviyo. I uploaded my customer list of over 5k subscribers from mailchimp to klaviyo. Klaviyo divided my client list into 4 segments. If you add all the subscribers in each segment I have a total of 5700+ subscribers. I have sent my first two campaigns out to all 4 segments but it looks like the email was sent to only 3091 subscribers. Why is this? Could there be subscribers in more than one segment? There aren’t enough bounced/failed emails to account for the discrepancy. Thanks, everyone! Cara



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Hi @CaraH,

Welcome to Klaviyo! We’re thrilled to have you on board :)

The 3091 figure you see there is an expected recipient count and takes into account a few different factors (which does factor in subscribers in more than one segment, as you’ve mentioned):

When calculating this number, we do the following:

  • Add together all profiles that exist in the lists/segments you've chosen to include
  • Subtract duplicate profiles that may exist in multiple lists/segments you've chosen to include
  • Subtract profiles within any included groups that also exist in lists/segments you've chosen to exclude
  • Subtract unsubscribed contacts and global suppressions from all included lists and segments

Klaviyo automatically skips suppressed profiles at send time, so by excluding these profiles from our expected recipient calculation, you are able to see an accurate count of who will receive your campaign. You can read more on this here as well.

Thanks for being a member of our community.