Facebook Lead Ads not always triggering Welcome emails

  • 6 December 2021
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Okay, so I have already contacted support regarding this issue, who have been somewhere less than helpful, haven’t read the information correctly that I have given them and are now ignoring me without fixing the issue when I dared to suggest it was a Klaviyo issue and not something that I had done.

So, please can anybody out there help me or get me through a Support representative that actually gives a (you can enter your own expletive here).

The problem i have is that when a subscriber is populated from a Facebook Lead Ad, they should be added to my Welcome Flow, but sometimes this doesn’t happen. Klaviyo are saying that it is because I changed the filter in the flow, which I did, but only because the of the problem and when it made difference I reset it back to how it was originally. So, on that front, the problem existed both before and after the filter changes.

I pointed that out to support, and mentioned that even in the last 24 hours only 50% of Lead Ads subscribers entered the Welcome Flow. Rather than get on and check why this is, they ask me for examples of this, even though they have all the info already. Got enough time to send me screenshots of things I’ve done when they are trying to blame me, but can’t be bothered to investigate when it’s not something that I’ve done.

As it stands at the time of writing, the issue is still there. Just had two subscribers with 30 minutes of each other, one entered the Welcome Flow and the other didn’t.

I know this is a rant as well as a plea for help, but it really annoys me that we are running a Facebook campaign to gain subscribers with the promise of a discount and they are not getting that as the Flow isn’t working. Makes us at the best look stupid, at the worst that we are just scamming people into signing up and not keeping our promises.

So, if you’ve read through this and have any help, it really would be appreciated. And, Klaviyo, if you are reading this, an explanation as to what’s going on technically and with your awful support would be welcomed.


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Hello @Ian B,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Let me extend my apologies for the negative experience you had with our support team regarding trying to resolve your issue as to why contacts signing up from your Facebook lead ad campaign are not consistently going through your welcome flow. 

Since it sounds like this is only occurring periodically, it’s safe to assume that the Facebook integration with Klaviyo is still connected and we can rule out any integration issue. It’s also good to know that you reverted any changes you’ve previously made to the flow to further rule out changes and flow filters that may be impacting these contacts.

One question I did have pertaining to your flow set up, do you happen to have any time delays between the initial list trigger and the first email? If not then this may be the root of your issue caused by a race condition. From my experience, one of two things could be occurring. 

  1. Klaviyo is trying to send an email "immediately" at the same time it's checking your Flow's logic and filters to determine if a Profile qualifies for the specific flow
  2. There is a delay in the information synced from Facebook as it can take upwards of an hour for information to sync between Facebook and Klaviyo; mentioned in the How Often Integrations Sync Help Center article

In both scenarios the sending window is missed and thus excludes the contact from your flow. To alleviate this, I suggest adding in a short time delay between the flow trigger and the first email. This allows enough time Klaviyo to properly determine if a contact qualifies for a flow based on its conditions. Similarly, I would suggest waiting at least an hour to see if a contact entered the flow or not per the second scenario to account for Facebook’s sync frequencies. 

I hope this helps! Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


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Hi David,


Thank you for your response.

I will try your suggestion of a short time delay first and see how that goes. If that doesn’t work, I will build a separate flow for the Facebook Lead Ads and incorporate a delay of over an hour.

Thanks again.



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So, I have now increased the delay to 2 minutes and have more Welcome emails failing to send than actually being sent. This is ridiculous that you can’t get this working correctly. 

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Hey @Ian B,

If you’re still having trouble incorporating those users to your Welcome Series from from your Facebook Lead Ad, I would suggest using the alternate solution of having a new Welcome Series flow triggered by the Facebook Filled Out Lead Ad event. To make building this new flow out easier, you can save those email designs from your original Welcome Series flow as email templates if they aren’t already and re-creating your new flow with those saved templates.

In addition, I would suggest adding a flow filter to exclude those contacts who have triggered this Filled Out Lead Ad event from your original Welcome Series flow to ensure your customers are not receiving both flows accidentally. 

You can find a brief explanation of this flow from the The "Filled Out Lead Ad" Metric subsection of the How to Integrate with Facebook Advertising Help Center article.