Failed Filter - Thank You Flow

  • 20 April 2023
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Hi Friends…

Please help!


So I just noticed today that my thank you emails were not sending out and apparently it hasn't been sent out since Dec 24 2022.

I have made no changes to this flow so not sure why it was working at first but now is skipping each recipient and trigger a failed filter. Today I only removed from the filter “since entering this flow”

This flow was working perfectly and when I was testing the trigger it was saying it would work but its been skipping everyone.

Thank you for any help



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2 replies

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the only thing I can think of here ass possible issue and why it worked but it is not working anymore is the following..

Klaviyo is pretty strict to being exactly correct so if you change the product name even a bit on your store and it doesn’t match 100% the product name in klaviyo that you have in this trigger filter then according to klaviyo no one is placing order for that product and it is skipping everyone. So I would say just make sure the product name in the trigger filter you have matches the product name on your website 100% (ideally when you start writing the name in the field it should give you the option to pick it, just pick the right version for it i guess)

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Thank you so much! Since I removed the “when purchased” filter it has started back sending. Thank you