Falling out of abandoned cart flow

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Hi, I want to send a second set of emails in the abandoned cart flow and I wonder if I need to manually add a step that says ‘if purchase has not been made in the last x day, send second email’. 

Or would that be unnecessary? How would Klaviyo know that purchase was made on this abandoned cart?


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you can add conditional split before that email saying placed order zero times in the last [X] days where flow (or Attributed Flow) is [THIS FLOW]

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Hello @JaSn,

You typically wouldn’t need to add any additional flow filters to the Abandoned Cart flow to ensure customers have not made a purchase to be proceeding through the flow.

By default, the Abandoned Cart flow should have a flow filter of “What someone has done, Has Placed Order zero times since starting this flow” which would automatically remove customers from the flow should they make a purchase since starting the flow. You can learn more about this and further understand how an Abandoned Cart flow functions from the Creating an Abandoned Cart Flow article or from our video guide here: Objective Video: Turn On an Abandoned Cart Flow.

Hope this helps!



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I know this is an old thread, but if you have 2+ emails in your abandoned cart flow, surely you need to filet out anyone who has placed an order since starting the flow at each step?

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Hi @International Elf Service ,

Here’s a diagram from our flow filter article:

A diagram of Klaviyo filters that will be applied when someone enters a flow, and after the time delay

So using a flow filter will already help with your abandoned cart check process.

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Thank you so much Alex - so to confirm that if I have 3 emails in a flow - the original flow filters will be applied prior to each email send?

I ask because I have had a few customers who have emailed saying they have placed an order and yet received emails from the abandoned cart flow ...

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Hi @International Elf Service ,

I would recommend adding the following flow filters:
1. AND "Has placed an order ​​Zero times since starting this flow"?name=Screen+Shot+2020-10-01+at+7.46.28+PM.png​​
So if they place an order after they started checkout, they won't receive the email. 

2. AND "Has not been in this flow in the last X Days/hours"?


If a customer checks out twice, placing an order will resolve one Checkout Started action but not the other. By adding that flow filter, if a customer clicks on check out again after entering that flow they will not receive an Abandoned cart email after placing an order. Essentially each time a customer checks out, they will enter that flow unless you add the flow filter I stated above.

To add a flow filter if you are not familiar:
1. Click on the trigger box:
2. Click on Flow Filters on the left:
3. Click "Add flow filter"
4. Click on "What someone has or has not done" to filter the placed order zero times:

Hope that helps!