Feature Request: Campaign-Level Segmentation

  • 23 August 2022
  • 2 replies

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I’d love the ability to segment the audience I’m sending to at the campaign level. I often find myself creating very specific segments for a specific campaign that i never use again. I’d love to, on the campaign creation page, be able to say “I only want to send this campaign to ‘People who didn’t open the last campaign, haven’t purchased product X in the last 30 days and have spent X amount of dollars’”.

2 replies

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Hey @D.Jackson.VIP 

From what I am reading from your post is that you would like to build the recipient segment for the campaign at the same time as the campaign itself? That’s a great idea! Sometimes we have a great idea for content and then build the audience around it and this would support that. I will definitely roll this up to our product team for further evaluation. 

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Thanks Stephen! I appreciate that.