First time buyer flow - using instalment plan

  • 10 February 2023
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I am setting up a first time buyer post-purchase flow for information on what to expect from our service straight away. 

The problem is, that our customers often purchase an instalment payment plan. We use Magento 2 for our website and this captures the payments as individual orders. As much as I’m sure there is a better way of sorting this out, I am not a developer and really could use just a quick workaround.

So someone could pay their 2nd, 3rd and so forth instalment plan, and Klaviyo thinks its a new first time buyer. Is there a way to produce a flow that would only be sent to purchasers on their first order of the same product? So if Klaviyo recognises a new “order” but for a product they’ve already purchased before, it would ignore sending this to them?


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Hi @lisaspencer 

Yes, there is a way to achieve this in Klaviyo. You can use a custom property in Klaviyo to track whether a customer has made a purchase of the same product before. You can then use this custom property as a condition in your first-time buyer post-purchase flow to ensure it only sends to customers on their first purchase of the product.

Here's a high-level overview of the steps:

  1. Create a custom property in Klaviyo: In Klaviyo, go to the "Profile & Fields" section, click on "Properties," and create a new custom property to track whether a customer has purchased the product before. You can call this property something like "Has Purchased Product X".
  2. Set the custom property in Magento: In your Magento installation, you will need to write some code to set the value of the custom property in Klaviyo whenever a customer makes a purchase. You can do this by sending an API request to Klaviyo to update the customer's profile. The API request should include the customer's email address and the new value for the custom property.
  3. Create a flow in Klaviyo: In Klaviyo, go to the "Flows" section and create a new flow for your first-time buyer post-purchase. In the flow, add a condition to only send the flow to customers who have not purchased the product before. You can use the custom property you created in step 1 as the condition, and only send the flow to customers whose "Has Purchased Product X" property is set to "false".

With this setup, each time a customer makes a purchase in Magento, the custom property in Klaviyo will be updated to reflect the fact that they have purchased the product. Then, when the first-time buyer post-purchase flow runs, it will only send to customers who have not purchased the product before, as determined by the custom property.