Flow emails triggered by date for property management

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I’m trying to create emails flows for a property management firm. They have customers booking a property, they want a flow that sends an email to a user 2 weeks before their arrival date and 1 day prior to their departure date.

I have created a new list that includes custom properties - Arrival Date (format 23/04/2023) and Departure Date (format 30/04/2023).

I also want to include the two properties in the email content.

I’ve created simple flows for other clients, but I’m a bit lost knowing where to start with this.

Please help


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  1. Choose the list you created as the trigger list.

  2. Select "Date Property" as the trigger type, then choose the "Arrival Date" property you created earlier.

  3. Set the trigger to "2 weeks before" the date property.

  4. Add an email to your flow by clicking the "Add Email" button.

  5. Design your email by adding the custom properties "Arrival Date" and "Departure Date" to the content of your email. You can do this by clicking on the "Insert a Personalization Attribute" button in the content editor and selecting the properties you created.

  6. Set up the email to be sent "Immediately" when the flow is triggered.

  7. Add a second email to your flow by clicking the "Add Email" button.

  8. Design your second email with the same custom properties and set it to be sent "1 day prior to departure date" using a "Date Property" trigger and the "Departure Date" property.

  9. Save your flow and turn it on.

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Thanks for you reply, but I’m stuck at step 1.


If I create a new flow from scratch, at the next step there is the trigger set up, ‘what will trigger this flow/’, do I choose list or date property at this stage. If I choose ‘list’ I can’t then see how to use the date property, if I choose ‘date property’ neither arrival date or depature date that I have added to the users profile shows as options?


Really struggling to get my head around this, sorry

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Hi @simonwr1976, let me jump in here to help.  I think @Tonio meant to start with a Date Trigger Flow, you won’t need a List since you’re working off of the two Date Properties you created (Arrival Date, and Departure Date).  Make sure your date is in a format that Klaviyo requires.

Then just follow the step-by-step that @Tonio outlined afterward, it looks great!

For another example that’s similar to yours, is the Birthday Flow here in Klaviyo.  Obviously, you’re not sending an email on a Birth date, so you can sort of adapt ito for your Arrival and Departure Date.

Other references that might be helpful:

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply. 


I can only think that I’ve done something wrong with the date format when I’ve imported the data


When I go to date triggers I can’t select either arrival date or departure date;



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@simonwr1976 If you can’t select your Custom Property as a date, it usually means Klaviyo didn’t recognize it as a Date value. 

If your custom values are imported via a file upload, then, you can just re-import the same list after you updated the Date fields to match the format.  That will replace the Date values with your updated ones.

Use this reference as a guide for the Date Format:

Give that a shot!

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Thanks again, but I’m still stuck


I’ve followed the guide about date formats and creating the csv.

When I’ve imported the file I’ve matched the fields


But when I come to set the trigger I still don’t have arrival or departure date as options


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@retention any chance you could look at my last response please 🙏 any help really appreciated


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Hey @simonwr1976 

Jumping in to help! So from the looks of your screenshots the custom date property was added to your profile correctly. I’m reaching out to an expert on our product team to dig deeper to find a solution for you as you have already done all the necessary troubleshooting for this issue. I will follow up shortly once I have a better understanding of what is going on!

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@stephen.trumble thank you, I really need to get this resolved asap, any help is massively appreciated


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Hey @simonwr1976 

I see that our support team member Marta has figured out the problem. Just for clarification for other community members, when you originally mapped the data into Klaviyo you set up the property as a Text instead of a Date. Once this property is added to a profile the only way to update it, is to purge the data from the profiles where it exist and re-upload the CSV with the correct property type or create a net new property with the correct property type. 

Marta will be able to help you purge the data and guide you through the rest of the process! Thanks again for your patience and being a part of the community!

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