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  • 18 June 2021
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Hi there, I’ve created a flow with filter “FLOW FILTERS (1)

  • Country: equals: Austria
  • OR
  • Country : equals: Germany” 

So that my german customers receive their email in german. However, I realised that even my international customers receive this message. How come? 


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Hi @elisesh,


Location is tracked one of 3 ways within Klaviyo:

  • Billing address
  • IP geolocation for non customers
  • Manual import of location

Knowing this, I’d recommend spot checking the profile of a user that you suspect should not have received the flow email and see what location they have set. Since you have set the flow filter of Location = Germany OR Location = Austria, then only these contacts should be trigging the flow. 


Manual Status is really helpful functionality that allows you to assess flow logic prior to turning the flow live. I’d recommend reviewing the help article about manual mode so that you can test with confidence and not worry that the wrong subscribers are going to receive your messaging. 


I hope this helps!


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In relation to what Elisesh said, i was curious about emails to foreign countries that speak good English. Like Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Netherland, Germany , and Norway. Does it make sense writing emails in another language, if i cant respond back in the required language. Although their are translators, im not sure how worth it is.