Flow Filter - Gmail bounced subscribers

  • 22 December 2020
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With the recent issue of hard bouncers on gmail accounts, it’s recommended to add a flow filter to prevent re-subscribed hard bouncers from entering a list flow.  Would this be the filter settings we add to the flow? (see image below - this example is for a welcome flow). 


2 replies

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Here is the correct answer to fix the hard bounce issue during the affected period.  If you would like to prevent sending from any further emails in your Flow, you could add a Flow Filter with the following conditions:

List Flow Filter to ensure past subscribers who hard bounced don’t get re-entered


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Thanks for sharing this @Manny Singh! Glad you were able to find a solution for the recent issues with Google. Luckily, this should be more or less resolved now, but your solution is definitely a great approach here. 

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