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  • 25 January 2023
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Hi there,

I want to create a flow for my existing mailing list, 
that all subscribers get an email. with preference, so we can build them out.
It must exclude the subscribers who already been through the welcome flow (pop-up in website) 

I was looking through the academy but can't find a right walk through 

Can anyone help me out?




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Hi @ToolsMichael ,

Welcome to the Community.

From my understanding you want to create a new flow that excludes those who have passed through a welcome series flow?

Using the "Update Profile Property" block in a flow, you can create a new profile property at the beginning of the flow to "tag" these users when they enter. Then you can use the "Remove Profile Property" function to remove that "tag" when they exit. 

That way when you create a segment using properties about someone tag = X. You know they are going through the flow and you can put them in the "excludes" section of the campaign send.

Create Profile Property
This option allows you to create a brand new custom property and assign the value. If the property already exists for a given recipient profile, we’ll update the property value.

Remove Profile Property
The option allows you to remove an existing custom property from a profile. This will not only clear a value, but fully remove the property from the profile​

This guide walks through how the functionality works, and the options you have: