Flow for when customer request to update their payment method

  • 3 April 2024
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I want to create a flow for when customer request to update their payment method in shopify. 
I don't know the trigger for this. can someone help me with this.

2 replies

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You’ll have to hook into that event in Shopify and then send a webhook into Klaviyo. Presumably that should trigger an event which then triggers your flow. It would be a custom coded project. Nothing out of the box. 

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Hey @Adam-S 

Our Partner @DavidSandel indeed is right and this would be a great solution because webhooks allows real-time communication between systems, making it efficient and reliable. By integrating Shopify events with Klaviyo, you’ll have a seamless way to handle payment method updates and engage with customers effectively!


just encase you want to also know how make this happen, here are a few steps to follow: 

Step 1 - Shopify Event Hook Setup:

  • Set up an event hook in Shopify to listen for the "Customer payment method updated" event.
  • When this event occurs (e.g., a customer updates their payment method), Shopify will trigger your configured webhook.


Step 2 - Webhook Configuration: Configure your webhook to send relevant data to Klaviyo. This data might include:

        - Customer details (e.g., email, name).
        - Updated payment method information.
        - Any other relevant context.


Step 3 - Klaviyo Integration: In Klaviyo, create a flow or automation that listens for the webhook. Based on the data received, you can:

        - Send a confirmation email to the customer.
        - Update customer segments.
        - Trigger follow-up actions (e.g., personalized recommendations).


Last but not least - Testing and Monitoring:
    - Test the entire flow by updating a payment method in Shopify.
    - Monitor the webhook logs in both Shopify and Klaviyo to ensure successful communication.


We always around if you have any more questions but we hope this solves your question.