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  • 7 January 2021
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I am getting so frustrated with a particular flow. We’ve implemented a membership program for a client with 3 tiers - Shore, Core and Peak. The customer Shopify Tag is then set to Shore, Core or Peak and the customer then receives an email automation. the whole process is as follows:


New member requests get tagged “Shore Pending”. Once their total annual spend has been assessed they get tagged Shore, Core or Peak depending on what that value is. It works for EVERYTHING other than Shore. The setup is identical for each but the email automation for Shore is just not sending. What’s more furstrating is that it was working when we tested in November and now come January, when the client wants to launch, it just stopped working.


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Hi @NicM, wanted to check in and see if you were still having an issue here.


The things I would check on :

1. If the trigger event that starts the flow (whether it be a list or segment based trigger or an event based trigger) has been set correctly.

2. Then I would double check to make sure that nobody has been skipped that should not have been based on any flow filters or smart sending (if smart sending is enabled). 

That is where I would start. If you check on those items and find that they are set up correctly but you’re still not able to get the Shore flow set up, please let the Community know.

If you were able to resolve, can you let us know what steps you ended up taking or what ended up helping?

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@NicM - In addition to what @Paul S suggested, double check what your matching criteria for tags are.  If you used “contains” vs “starts with” - as “Shore Pending” and “Shore” might be construed as the same thing (one way or the other).  If possible, use clean tags without special characters like “shore-pending” vs “shore” - sometimes special characters like “space” can have unexpected matching outcomes. 

Also, if you are using “Segmented” triggered Flow, remember a user can only go through that Flow exactly once for the associated Segment; so if you are somehow combining tags in the same Segment (e.g. Shore or Shore Pending), you may want to separate them out into distinct Segments as once they’ve gone through a Flow, they won’t be eligible to go through the Flow again.


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When troubleshooting I sometimes also use the list and segments section in Klaviyo to check the logic you're using. Use the same definitions as you have on the flow and see if it works.

Maybe a typo?  

When you mention it's not working do you mean no one is entering the flow?
If the logic is off then no ones enters the flow. If people do enter the flow but don't receive an email then something else is at play.