Flow Not Populating with Recipients & Question on Random 50/50 split

  • 7 July 2021
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Hi there, 


I am having two different problems which I am a little confused about. 


I am trying to send out automated emails 60 days after a person has made a purchase. I have tried doing this through ‘fulfilled order’ and through ‘made order’ however it doesn’t seem to be populating anybody. Nobody is waiting for this email and it hasn’t delivered to a single person. Everything is live, and it should send. 


For another, I have after someone completes an order, putting them through a random 50/50 split. But one condition has 1432 ‘waiting’ and the other has ‘26’ waiting, and this number hasn’t gone up nor down. I am confused why these aren’t working, and I feel like I must be missing something obvious but I can’t work out what is going on after attending lectures and trying to read up on it. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks


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Hello @JoshuaAAC,

Thank you for sharing this information with us!

On the first issue, I would first confirm that there are profiles logging the event which triggers the flow i.e. the Fulfilled Order event. If so, confirm that these events came through during the time that the flow emails were live. If the events came through when the flow emails were in draft mode or if the events came through before the flow was set-up, it is expected that the flow would not populate any recipients. You can retroactively place users in the flow by backpopulating the flow

I also recommend double-checking any existing flow filters or trigger filters on the flow, that may be precluding profiles from entering the flow. You can preview a flow trigger to see if user would qualify by using a flow trigger preview tool -- more details on that here.

If there are no events coming through at all, this indicates that there is an issue with the integration that should be looked into further by our support staff.

On your other question, it sounds like you are referring to two separate conditional splits. Those in “waiting” will eventually have their status change to either “Yes” or “No”, the reason they are in “waiting” is because of a time-delay that exists before the conditional split. If you click on the word “waiting” for each flow email, you can see when the user is due to move through the split (in other words, due to be marked as a “Yes” or a “No”). If you still have questions on this, seeing screenshots of the flow here would be helpful. For more information on flow movement in general, I recommend looking at How Contacts Move Through a Flow.

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Hi @dov.derin thanks so much for this. 

Learning how to back-populate has been incredibly helpful, thank you. I also realise, however, that the date set up was in the US dating style, and not being from the US I wrote using DD/MM/YYYY where I needed to do the inverse! I have since updated the date format and back-populated the flow and it appears that people are now moving through properly. This has definitely helped me out a lot, so thanks very much

-- Josh