Flow not triggering when customer added to list

  • 4 February 2024
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Hi. I’m having issues with an email flow where the trigger is customer added to a segment list. 

we have a recycling drive and therefore I want to customers once of the items have been returned from recycling to do a separate mailing list to receive a discount code to purchase items with us. 

The best way to do, this would be to create a flow where the code could be followed up with reminders to purchase before code expiry. I am in a static code, not a dynamic code when I manually add customers to this list, they are not captured in the flow. 

i gratefully appreciate any help in resolving this issue.


thanks carrie


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10 replies

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Hi Carrie,

Thank you for reaching out. I understand the importance of optimizing your email flow for the recycling drive. To ensure customers added manually to the list are captured in the flow, consider transitioning from a static code to a dynamic one. This way, your email flow can seamlessly follow up with reminders before the code expiry, enhancing customer engagement. If you need assistance with implementing this change or have any further questions, feel free to reach out.

Best regards.


Hi Juan, thankyou for the reply, but the issue is not the code its the flow not triggering,

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Okay, the additional context you provide is very useful. I understand the challenge you're currently facing as regards to this cos I've been victim of that before. To troubleshoot this, I’d love to re commend a Klaviyo Expert regarding this, this person helped me to fix mine?


thankyou for your offer. hopefully i will get a rerply from the community before needing to pay for a service

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Hi @carriedavies - welcome to the community!


If you could provide a screenshot of your flow trigger, and also a screenshot of your trigger segment’s definition, that will help us troubleshoot what’s causing the error.





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Hey @carriedavies 

Just following up from @ebusiness pros response. Were you able to get this resolved? If not can you send the screenshot that Gabrielle asked about? It will help us identify whats going on. 



Hi .

please let me know if this is what you need. it is only sending to one email on the list. 


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Hey @carriedavies 

Thanks for the image! It definitely will help.

The first thing I notice is that this a List triggered flow. As a reminder, list triggered flows only allow a profile to move through them 1 time. So if any profile has already been through it, they will not be allowed to enter the flow again. With that being said, how are your profiles entering this list? Lists are usually generated through a signup form or CSV file upload. If you are using a CSV file, can you share how the file is formatted? This is usually the part where things go awry. 

If you have a custom setup that automatically creates a metric (ie returned item for recycling) in Klaviyo, I would actually suggest using a metric triggered flow. This will allow a customer to enter the flow every time they return an item for recycling automatically. You can clone the flow and reset the trigger to a metric trigger without loosing all your hard work. 

Let me know how you have the list setup or if there is a metric being generated, and I can be more specific on setup to make sure your customers are entering the flow properly!


I’ve emailed support as these responses havn’t solved the issue and i don’t know how to be clearer with the problem. 



Hi @carriedavies ! I hope you are well ! I am accusing the same issue indeed ! The flow is triggering only once to the same address mail … Did you get a useful answer from the support ? It would help ! Thanks a lot !