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  • 9 March 2021
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Just created a Welcome series Flow

It’s not working at all

I created a popup signup form (klaviyo popup and connected to the newsletter list ) to collect emails for the Newsletter list, when I fill in the form with my own emails, and check the list, There’s NOTHING

I Switched the Double opt-in to Single Opt-in and checked my emails’ spam folder, NOTHING

I read all the guidance in the help center and many posts here, no solution

It must be something wrong with my account, please help me out

My acccount & email:

Also please contact me at:

Thanks a lot!



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I am experiencing this same issue.


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Hi @Johnny W,

It looks like you do have six people in your “Newletter” list; can you clarify how many profiles you were expecting? Or is there a specific email address that you tried to subscribe which didn’t show up? (Please don’t share if it’s a customer email address.)



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Hello @Johnny W and @amourswear

Were either of you able to find a solution to the issue regarding the welcome series flow? If so, do you mind sharing what the issue was so other Community members can learn from this experience. 

Building off of @caroline, I would also recommend double checking some of these troubleshooting steps below mentioned by @retention and @Paul S that were highlighted in a similar Community post here:

Several basic things for you to verify:

  1. The correct list is connected to your signup forms and Welcome Series.
  2. People are entering the List after subscribing and confirming their double opt-in if applicable.
  3. You’re using the correct List as a trigger for your Welcome Series Flow.
  4. Your emails in the Welcome Series Flow were Live when you tested and signed up to the form.


Hello team?
I need your help.
I seem to be facing the same problem.
When a user subscribes to my double optin newsletter via the popup on my home page. The double optin subscription is validated by the user in shopify, the email also arrives in Klaviyo in the profile section but not in the Klaviyo Newsletter section.
How can I solve this problem quickly please?

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Hey @kvchicamelia 

It seems like you are talking about two separate signups. If you are using a Klaviyo signup form, the double opt in would be an email sent to them to confirm their subscription. If they are confirming directly in your Shopify site then they are signing up through a Shopify form. In your Klaviyo account under your integration settings with Shopify, have you enabled the “sync your Shopify subscribers with Klaviyo” and have selected the correct list? It should look like this: