Flow not working - pls help debugging!

  • 14 October 2021
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Hi all,


I’ve created a product specific emailer flow but that’s not shooting the desired emails. Sharing screenshots below-

  1. Flow to trigger as soon as an order is “fulfilled” on Shopify AND the item name must contain “FOR 3 YEARS”
  1. Test order I placed and marked as “fulfilled” on Shopify
  1. Confirmation proof that the order was “fulfilled” AFTER the flow was created



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4 replies

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Hey @Rishabh20 

Thank you for coming back to the Klaviyo Community to get help on your product specific flow!

I know you were chatting with in a post previously about setting up a product specific flow. For others in the community who are interested in creating this type of flow here are the articles that David shared previously:

With your flow you may need to adjust your trigger filter to use “THE LEARNING KIT - PAY PER KIT” as that is the name of the product (the name that contains a link in your screenshot). Alternatively, instead of using the flow trigger “Fulfilled Order” metric, you can use the flow filter “Ordered Product” which would allow you to be product specific, where you can filter by specific SKUs to guarantee the right product is being used.

Hope this helps provide some clarity. Thank you again for coming to the Klaviyo Community to collaborate on your marketing!

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Hi @stephen.trumble thanks for your reply. As suggested, I tried creating a flow with “ORDERED PRODUCT” and applied a filter for the specific SKU but email still did not get sent. Can you see if I’m doing something wrong?

Here you can see the flow is LIVE. In fact I selected “TestSKU2” from the dropdown and did not even have to type it manually which means klaviyo is detecting the SKU directly from shopify.

Here you can see my order and SKU = TestSKU2

However, I still did not get the desired email.

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Sorry my bad, it worked with this. Thanks for the help!

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Hey @Rishabh20 

So happy to hear that it all worked out! Thank you so much for contributing to the Klaviyo Community!