Flow- Pairing Specific Items/products (and possible configuations) with specific emails

  • 20 October 2021
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Hi- Having trouble getting specific emails and certain configurations to send the right emails. 

If I purchase Product A & B, I want a specific email to send for those two products (vs two separate emails). 

Or If I purchase product A & C, then that gets another email. 


Essentially, I have 3 products and want to send emails based on the products purchased in one transaction. Right now I have Split triggers set up (and it worked when purchasing just ONE product) but as soon as I add 2, it’ll just pick the first one and send that particular email. This is where it gets stuck! I don’t know how to set it to where If the placed order includes 2 products, that it doesn’t just stop at the first product in the list. Hope this makes sense!

The reason I’m sending this way is because each email contains a KEY (these are website templates). Any help would be appreciated! 


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Hello @Cariaba,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

To automatically serve an email to contacts who have purchased two specific products in a flow, you can use a metric triggered flow based on the Placed Order event and use trigger splits with the filter definition of “Items contains Product A AND Items contains B”. This will allow contacts who have placed an order to trigger this flow who have purchased Product A AND Product B to be navigated down the YES path of this flow. Furthermore, you can target contacts who purchased Product A AND Product C by creating another trigger filter down the NO path of the original trigger split resulting in a cascade of filters based on who you want to target and what your overall goals for the flow is. 


I would further suggest taking a look at the following Help Center articles that dive further in understanding how to build this flow out and how trigger splits functions:

In addition to these great articles, other Community members have found success after reading some similar Community post along the same topic. I’ve included some below for your convenience:

I hope this helps!