Flow Recommendation Needed for transient customer base

  • 29 January 2024
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We sell wedding party gifts - for newlyweds, for the bridal party and for groomsmen.  So our customer base only needs our product for a specific amount of time -while they are engaged or until the the couple is married.

We have a 4 email welcome series that ends after about 2 weeks or when an order is placed.  Currently we have no further automation past that.  What would you recommend for an ongoing engagement campaign (or flow) to try and stay relevant during the limited time that our product applies to the subscriber.

Would simply drawing out the welcome series with weekly emails (while maintaining the conditional split) be a reasonable approach?

Any thoughts/advice are greatly appreciated.


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3 replies

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Hey @Greg S 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community. Thanks for asking such a great question.

While I personally think your approach could work, I have a feeling that one of our Champions might be better suited to lend advice to this. @ebusiness pros @Kylie W or @Akers Digital, do any of you have experience working with brands like Greg’s that have a smaller window of time for conversions? Or is there a another Champion that we should loop in to assist?

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Thanks @stephen.trumble, hi @Greg S I think this would be a great opportunity for a referral offer flow - usually people getting married, often know other people getting married shortly! Keep them engaged, and then have them hand it off, so to say, to the next person to keep engaged.

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Thanks @stephen.trumble 

Hi @Greg S, I couldn’t have said it better myself so echoing what @chelsgrove has mentioned and highly suggest referrals! Referrals with a benefit would encourage additional sales and engagement with the brand.

The other suggestion is Reviews. Klaviyo offers a Reviews feature that you could use, but regardless of the solution, using the flows to aid in placing a review, especially UGC (photos) would be amazing for brand, marketing and social proof of the products. Also gives you an opportunity to keep engagement post event.