Flow Statuses: "Needs Review" Queue For Flows in Manual Status

  • 4 November 2022
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In the past couple of months I noticed a hard fall in revenue from Klaviyo flows.

After trying dozens of changes in copy, marketing strategy, timing, etc, I just noticed that every time I started a flow from scratch, instead of turning the statuses of the older ones to “draft”, I was turning it to “manual’. Right now this is an example of how it looks like, and only because I turned a lot already to draft since I read this article

When I opened those older flows set to manual, I found that there were thousands of emails queued as “Needs Review”, and a. bunch of new emails still being queued as “waiting” as of today. I have flows that the last email (hence the date the status was changed to “manual”) were delivered for the last time in September, however people were still being scheduled to receive an email for future dates, like tomorrow.

My question is: would this prevent all these people stuck in “Needs Review” from entering the actual live flows? I am wondering if after all that is the reason for the steep decrease in revenue from flows.

I am able to cancel the “Needs Review” in bulk, however, the “waiting” only gives me the option to cancel one by one. After turning the entire flow to draft, do I still need to cancel the emails in “waiting” status as well? If so, is there a way to bulk cancel those just like the ones in “Needs Review”?




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People in Need Review in one flow are definitely not affecting your live flows. There is no such thing of people not going into a flow because they are in need review for another flow.
The only reason why someone would not go through a flow is either because they are not doing the thing that is triggering the flow (like they are not added to list or not starting checkout or placing order or whatever) OR they are blocked by flow filters (meaning they done something that is filtering them out of the flow but this would depend what kind of flow filters you have)


Sorry i know this is not the best and most precise reply but from the info you gave I could only give you general response.. for more detailed reply i will need more details but the general question you had is NO people in Need Review in one flow are not blocked from going through other flows..