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  • 29 March 2024
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Can you help me, please, I would like to create a flow that sends an email after an order with a delay of 4 hours but if the end of the first delay is after 10 p.m., I would like to wait until 6 a.m. the next day to send the email.
How can I configure this flow ?



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Hello @David P.,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

In regard to your topic, while Klaviyo can delay an email send until a specific day and time after an event is triggered, we cannot conditionally tie the time delay back to the timing of the event. For example, if somebody places an order, Klaviyo can delay that email until the next day at 6:00 am, however we cannot conditionally filter users down another path based on the time of their order.  

Hope this clears things out!

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Hi @David P. 

Welcome, and that's a great question! I agree with @Sujal.

You might want to consider using an SMS flow, which includes a quiet time feature that could help with your needs. Here are some more details on how to set that up. Hope this helps.




Hi @Bethany D. and @Sujal 

Thanks for your answers.

David P.