Flow to start when I change a Custom Property manually

  • 8 April 2023
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I have a custom property that I change manually when a customer fills a google form to be included in a directory.

I want to create a very basic flow to send an email based on that manual change but I can’t seem to be able to.
Thanks in advance for the help!


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4 replies

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HI @rarpia 

Thank you for posting your question in the community! 

If you’d like to trigger an email based on a custom profile property, you’d want to set up a flow based on a segment.

You’ll create the segment beforehand where if a user has that custom profile property they would be included in the segment.

The flow will trigger someone into the email series as soon as the conditions of the segment are true (when you manually update the profile property).

I hope this helps! 

@In the Inbox 

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Hi there, 

I have done a similar thing where a custom property puts a profile into a segment then that segment is the trigger for a flow where they get an email. However I am having an issue where profiles keep getting kicked out of the segment.

Full story is the submit a form to be accepted into a private buyers program (PBP), at that point they are allocated a custom property ‘PBP Status’ equals ‘Pending’. If they fill particular requirements they will have that property updated to ‘Accepted’ so ‘PBP Status’ equal Accepted.

Once accepted they then fall into a segment ‘PBP Members’

However, we are having issues where people keep ‘falling out’ of the segment and their PBP status is being set back to pending (the only place this should be set is when they fill out the original subscription form).

Can someone help me figure out how to stop this happening?


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Hey @Nicole_b 

You said you have a subscription form setup to add the custom property and eventually to a segment if they fulfill the necessary requirements. What are the settings on the form? Is it showing to all customers every time they visit? If a customer resubmits the form, this might be the reason they go back to “pending”. 

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Hi @stephen.trumble this is a static form on a page so they could go back and submit however these people have received a welcome to the program email so they know they are in the list. Also I have set up a flow to test how soon after these people are coming back to the segment and some its only taking a few days since I last manually updated the custom field for it to go back to being pending. Is it possible to get someone from customer service to have a look into the set up? Right now this is taking up so much valuable time for me looking in and manually updating people's status’ and sending them emails manually!