Flows and Sign up form Disappeared

  • 1 September 2021
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I’m new Klayvio and spent a lot of time setting up my flows and sign up forms. Everything was working but when I log into Klayvio today everything I set up is gone like I’m a new account. However, when I go to my website the Announcement I set up still pops up but doesn’t show in my dashboard. I checked I’m logged in with the right email and I even received a test email yesterday. Can anyone please help?


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Hello @All Things Euphoria,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

This can often times happen if you mistakenly created another new Klaviyo account to be integrated to your store. You can verify if your website has multiple Klaviyo accounts integrated to it by either seeing multiple Klaviyo accounts under your Accounts dropdown menu or by reviewing your website’s code and seeing two sets of the Klaviyo.js snippet present. 

If you see multiple Klaviyo accounts under your Accounts dropdown, this means the account you accidentally created is using the same login credentials as your Klaviyo login does support multi-account access. If you do no see multiple Klaviyo accounts under the dropdown, this may mean you have created your secondary Klaviyo account using a different set of login credentials. You can review and verify if you do in fact have two Klaviyo accounts integrated to your website by reviewing your website’s code by taking the following actions:

  1. Inspecting or viewing the page source of your website
  2. CTL + F (or CMD + F on Mac) for the phrase “company_ID=”
  3. See if this returns multiple results

In the event searching through your site code returns multiple results, take note of the six alphanumeric characters following the “company_ID=” snippet. If each of these returning results do not match one another; this would verify that you have multiple Klaviyo accounts connected to the website. For example, if your search returns both “company_ID=AbC123” and “company_ID=ADe234”, this would indicate two separate Klaviyo account IDs are associated with your site account. 

To resolve this, I would suggest logging into the Klaviyo account you accidentally created and take the following actions to fully remove all codes pertaining to this accidentally connected Klaviyo account to your website:

1. Completely remove (not Disable) the integration in Klaviyo
2. Log out of your Klaviyo account
3. Log back into your Klaviyo account via an incognito window
4. Re-add integration from the All Integrations tab

Once removed, I would then recommend cancelling the accidentally created accounts per the instructions found in the How to Cancel Your Klaviyo Account Help Center article. You can also find several Community posts on this similar topic which I think may prove helpful to read up on which i’ve linked below:

I hope this helps!


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Hi David!! Thank you for your response. Yes I accidentally stumbled on this solution last night and was like there it is!!! I'm happy again lol! Thank you for your help!

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Yes but how do we completely remove it if we can not log into the old Klavyio accounts? because I have no idea what the log ins even are. 

I have found that I have 2 within my code when viewing the source, but then when I go to edit code on my Shopify store > Theme.Liquid ...I no longer can find any Klavyio code in there?

Where do I go to remove this?

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Hey @GetTheGiftShop,

Sounds like you may have the Automatically add Klaviyo onsite JavaScript setting enabled in your integration settings on both your Klaviyo accounts. When integrating with this setting enabled, you would not actually see the Klaviyo.js pertaining to your account in your liquid files but would be visible when inspecting the source code. 

Since you don’t have access to the accidentally connected account, I would suggest reaching out to our Klaviyo Support Team who can help you recover the account or to investigate next steps towards a resolution!