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I am creating a flow where customers can download i pricing list, and based on their option they will recieve a email via the property they choose. And that works fine, the customers get the email. 

So, if they select one option for pricing, lets say “option 1”, they will get that specified email based on that property. Great! However, if they also want a pricing list for option 2, that email does not send. So if they want a pricing list for option 1 and option 2, they will only recieve one email. 

I have turned off double opt, and i have also checked out the box that says “skip recently emailed profiles”. 

I believe the problem is that customers thats already in a list dont receive another email when submitting the form. The segment change when they submit, but no emails are sent.

Any help would be great! 

Have a nice day. 



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Welcome to the community @eriks123 

You are correct. For list-triggered and segment-triggered flows, a contact only enters the flow once. For list flows, that is when they are first added to the list. For segment flows, that is when they first meet the conditions of the segment.

If they request the pricing lists via a Klaviyo form when they first subscribe, the custom property, say, price_list, must be a multi-checkbox type. This stores their responses in a list and so it populates with all the price list options they enter.

You then use this custom property in your flow.

In your flow email, you add one text block per price list and each will have a display condition based on the values in the price_list custom property, So if a contact selects price list#1 and price list#2,  both those blocks appear in the email, but they won’t see price list#3 etc

I hope that helps, but any further questions, let me know



Hello Andy and thank you for the response!

Just to make sure i am understanding you correctly, if i change my form to a multicheckbox with all my 8 price lists, the customer can choose option 1 and 5, and then later come back and check the box for option 2 and 7 and get 2 additional emails, meaning the customer gets 4 emails? 

While im asking, do i set up this as i have already done with a conditional split flow? Like this: 

The flow then goes on like that for 8 emails.

I hope you understand what i mean, i just started using klaviyo :)

Best regards!