Flows: Event attributes from Shopify changing and breaking flow

  • 8 October 2022
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A while ago, all my flows suddenly decreased almost to $0 in revenue. I couldn’t find the reason why, so last week I’ve recreated all the flows from scratch, using Klaviyo’s block templates for flows such as Browse, Cart and Checkout abandonment. I’ve tested everything and all the buttons and links were working just fine. 

Today I received one email from my flows (Checkout Abandonment), and the button to view the product, which was working just fine 1 week ago (using variable {{ item.url }}) was taking me to my home page instead. Now I had to replace this variable to href=”https:/mysite.com/products/{{ item.product.handle }}“ in all of my templates.

Has anyone else experienced this sudden changes in event properties between Shopify and Klaviyo?


1 reply

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Hi there @bunnyb


Welcome to the Community and thanks for sharing your question with us. 


Do you mind me asking if you have recently changed integrations? Normally the  {{ item.url }} is more consistent with WooCommerce integration than Shopify, which could be the reason for the problem. Whenever you find that dynamic data isn’t acting correctly, it’s best practice to double check your event data to see if everything matches. For instance, our dynamic block documentation, Shopify’s link to the product page is labeled as {{ organization.url }}products/{{ item.product.handle }}, which would line up with what you’re experiencing. 


Additionally, I’d check out this similar thread by another using experiencing the same issue to gain further insight!


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