• 6 March 2021
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Ok so I’m at the end of my rope here. I’ve contacted Klaviyo several times by email and they never even send a confirmation email in return, let alone a response.

I created a handful of flows and they don't work! They are live, Klaviyo is integrated with my Shopify, there is seemingly no reason for this. Please help me.

I placed a test order from my website and that worked fine. The store is working. But instead of a Klaviyo confirmation email I received the stock Shopify one. 


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Apologies for any delayed responses you may have experienced! As for not receiving a question received confirmation email, that definitely should have gone out - it’s helpful to check the spam folder to see if the message was routed there instead.


Regarding your flow questions, I would need a little more detail regarding which specific flows in your account are not triggering as expected. For any emails you have set to trigger from Shopify, you will need to disable those if you plan to be sending the same communication from Klaviyo.


I’m assuming one of the flows you’re referring to is an order confirmation flow. We would recommend using the “Placed Order” event as a trigger for this automation. As long as it is solely transactional in content (no sales or marketing content) you will also want to get this flow tagged as transactional so that both active and suppressed users are eligible to receive this messaging. We do also have a flow library that you can reference with some prebuilt flows to get you started. 


Hope this helps!


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Hello Julie, thank you for responding to me.

I have no idea how to turn off the default Shopify emails. 

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hi @freedom333

I just wanted to follow up on this thread to see if you had additional questions, or if you could provide some more context in your flows if they are still not functioning as expected? I’m not sure if you have already had the chance to take a look through the Community to see how other customers have addressed working through Shopify emails, but you might be able to find some solutions by searching “Shopify” in the search bar. 

Specifically in this case though, I wanted to see if you had imported your Klaviyo Confirmation email into Shopify? In particular, I’d call out this section of the Help Center article: How to personalize and export Shopify Notification Emails
One call out here that’s worth noting is that all Shopify notification emails are sent through Shopify, not Klaviyo. Once you've customized your template, you'll need to export the HTML code and paste it into Shopify. To export your template, go to your Email Templates tab, click the Edit drop-down for a template, and choose Export.


If your template contains a product block, you will be unable to export your template. After you delete the product block, you will be able to successfully export your template.

To copy/paste your code into Shopify:

  1. In your Shopify store's back-end, click Settings > Notifications
  2. Here, find the first notification template you would like to update and click on it; you will need to copy HTML code for each individual notification email individually
  3. You will immediately see a large section labeled "Email body (HTML)"
  4. Here, copy the HTML code you exported from Klaviyo and paste it into Shopify -- you will want to replace the existing code you will see in this window
  5. Next, send yourself a test email -- you should get an example in your inbox that reflects the customized template you designed in Klaviyo


Once you've done this, click Save.

There are some specific Shopify based notifications that you can turn off, such as Order Cancelled, Shipping Confirmation, etc. These settings can be changed in Shopify under Settings > Checkout

Thanks so much and hope you’re having a fantastic week,