From Stripe to Klaviyo via consent from Zapier webhook

  • 9 February 2022
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I am trying to setup a paid monthly subscription via stripe. Our website is built on Webflow and currently they don’t offer subscriptions so ecommerce through them isn’t possible yet. 


So until then we just link buttons to a stripe checkout to capture the payment details.

We are trying to use Zapier to automatically add them to our list inside Klaviyo which will automatically send them a welcome email and sms. The email has always worked fine just not the sms. I was told to use this article to help with that . I set it up but now I’m not sure what the Zap should be to get the info from Stripe to them send the consent/subscription to Klaviyo.


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Welcome to the Community! We are so happy you’re here! Would love to give some additional insight here! 


Using zapier to connect to stripe and Klaviyo was a great call, it seems like part of the call is working, as it is sending over email information successfully, which helps narrow down what might be happening here. Is there an API call being made to Klaviyo via Zapier that is explicitly looking for ‘sms_consent’. This would include the ‘true’ field and the phone number of the subscriber. It would look like the example below:

"phone_number": "+12345678900",
"sms_consent": True


When a user is added to a List, they aren’t automatically saying they consent to receiving SMS as well from your brand. Sending SMS has a lot of rules and regulations around it and can also be illegal to text users  without explicit consent. . So you will need to specifically request ask for this particular customer information in your webflow site and request this information from the API call. 


I suggest checking out this other community posts made by a user with a similar problem to gain further insight!


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