Get both welcome flow and abandoned checkout flow

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Can someone explain to me why when a customer checkout abandoned, they still receive a welcome email flow? how to fix it?


I want someone when they checkout abandoned or have completed checkout they won't get the welcome flow anymore.




Best answer by Bobi N. 8 May 2023, 07:01

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Ok so this happened because someone subscribed to your main list by starting a checkout and as you can see the started checkout event happened before subscribing to a list..

So you can do 2 things here..

  • you can change the “started checkout zero times since starting this flow” into “started checkout zero times overall” and with this anyone who started checkout ever would not go through the welcome flow
  • or to be more precise you can also add additional filter to the filters you have.. “received emails where flow is Abandoned Cart flow zero times overall (or in X amount of days)” overall will work the same as the first suggestion, and if you pick X amount of days where X would be the biggest time delay you have in abandoned cart flow to make sure people are not receiving the Welcome and Abandoned cart flow both at the same time
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@Bobi N. 

Thank you <3