Gift not working in email tests.

  • 26 March 2024
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How have imported a gif into my email template but it doesnt appear to play when sent as an email. 


It will play at the editing stage but when I send a test - it does not move? Am I doing something wrong? 


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3 replies

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Welcome to the Klaviyo community, @Ajeats !

Many email clients don't support animated GIFs due to security or performance reasons. Here's how to ensure your GIF animation works in emails:

  1. Alternative: Animated GIF with Fallback Image: If an animation is crucial, some Klaviyo email templates allow embedding an animated GIF with a fallback image. The fallback image will display for recipients whose email clients don't support GIFs.

  2. Test Across Different Clients: During the testing phase, send test emails to various email clients (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, etc.) to see how the GIFimage/animation renders in each.

  3. Use a Static Image: Consider replacing the animated GIF with a high-quality static image of the GIF. This ensures consistent display across all email clients.(final option)


ok thankyou! 

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Hi @Ajeats ✋🏻
I think it might be a problem due to editing (or cutting) a gif you previously imported.

If in fact you upload in klaviyo a gif and then use the editor to cut it, for example, it will continue to show as an animated gif in the function bar on the left, but the gif will be static then in sent communications and also in preview.