• 22 January 2024
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Hi Everyone,

I came across with a difficult email flow setup and I’d like it to be answered by someone who has an idea for how to executing it.

  1. On our webiste, only registered customers can make purchases.
  2. Registered customers are being automatically added to a List - but they didn’t subscribe
  3. We want to send them a “thank you for your purchase” email after 2 days of the purchase. This email also contains a CTA to “subscribe to our newsletter for 15% off from your next purchase”
  4. HERE IS THE PROBLEM: how can I set this flow up, if I want only unsubscribed customers to get this email over and over again until they subscribe? Like if someone did subscribe, exits the flow and won’t get this “thank you for your purchase” email never again -- but for those who’ll keep buying and don’t subscribe repeat the flow after 30 days of waiting?

Can someone help me out in this?


Thank you in advance,


3 replies

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Hi @markcseri!


Welcome to the community! On a high-level view, it seems like you’ll need to trigger your flow with the Placed Order event in Klaviyo. 


Only event-triggered flows will support people entering the queue multiple times. If you build a flow triggered by joining a list or a segment, that trigger creates a one-time flow where once someone exits the queue, they’re permanently out of that flow.


I want to be sure I’m understanding you correctly so I can give you the most helpful answer to your question. Can you help me clarify this part of your question?


When you say “if I want only unsubscribed customers to get this email over and over again until they subscribe?” what does “unsubscribed” mean to you in this instance? Does it refer to people who have not yet subscribed to email marketing? OR does it refer to people who were previously subscribed, but have unsubscribed from your emails?





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Thank you for your answer Gabrielle!
In this instance it refers to people who haven’t subscribed yet.

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You’re welcome @markcseri!


I’m including a screenshot here of how I’d recommend you build the logic of this flow since that’ll be the easiest way for you to understand how to build your own version…


Here’s how you’ll consistently ask people who have not yet subscribed to join your list. The Conditional Split is checking for “IF someone is in the Master list” - this “master” would be your primary list where all subscribers are held. Any signup form you have should be syncing people to that list…


So IF someone is NOT in that list, THEN they will receive Email 1A where you thank them for their order, AND prompt them to subscribe to your emails. In order for them to subscribe, you’ll need to build a simple page on your website and embed a Klaviyo signup form on that page, so you have a link they can use.


Also - this is a very simple version of what the logic of this flow could be like, as an example for you. Right now, any customer with any number of orders will receive this flow any time the Placed Order event is tracked on their profile - that’s what triggers this flow. Generally I recommend you address first-time customers differently than repeat customers.


Here’s an article I wrote with recommendations for building out Customer Thank You flows. 


IF you have a New Customer Thank You flow and a Repeat Customer Thank You flow, you could build a conditional split like this into both of those flows. The flow logic can become as simple or complex as you’re comfortable attempting…


Best of luck!