Help! Will an archived campaign still send?

  • 19 November 2020
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I have a cloned campaign i don’t want to send to a few recipients, which is paused for 16 hours due to ‘smart send’ (i.e it has been sent already) and I have  archived it.


So will it still send in 16 hours from the archive? I want to delete but there is no option… 


Please help :) 


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3 replies

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Hello @anonymous,

Is there a particular reason you’re looking to delete the campaign? We currently only allow you to delete campaigns in draft mode (whether archived or not). This is for purposes of data integrity (maintaining metrics/revenue pertaining to conversions from the campaign send).

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How can we permanently delete archived campaigns?

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Hi there,


The way smart send works is that it limits the number of emails someone can receive from you in a given time frame. Once you launch the campaign, it will check against anybody who has received an email from you recently and if they have received one within the designated time frame (16 hrs), then they will be skipped. In other words, the campaign is not paused and will not continue to “try” again after the window passes. 


Additionally archiving a campaign will not cause it to send again because only canceled or sent campaigns can be archived. Furthermore, you can unarchive a campaign to delete it. 


I hope this helps!