Help with {{Custom variables }} inserted into Klaviyo notifications emails

  • 30 August 2023
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Hi there,

I created a form that I’d like to place on my website for customers who are interested in collaborating with us. The form will collect basic and custom properties. From there, I’ve set up a flow that will notify team members that someone has filled out the form. I’d like the email to populate all of the information a customer has provided and the selections they made from a multi checkbox field.


How do you populate an email notification with only the selections a customer has made within a multi checkbox field from a form? I have tried multiple things, but nothing populates.


My multi checkbox field contains four different custom properties. I have tried the following and both have not worked:

  • {{ event|lookup:'XXX' }}
  • {{ person|lookup:'XXX' }}


The current email reads as such. The text in red is the only thing not working: 


Name: {{ first_name }} {{ last_name }}

Email: {{ email }}

Instagram: {{ person|lookup:'Instagram' }}

TikTok: {{ person|lookup:'TikTok' }}

Opportunities they're interested in:

  • {{ event|lookup:'Photo Ambassador' }}
  • {{ event|lookup:'Affiliate' }}
  • {{ event|lookup:'Social Feature' }}
  • {{ event|lookup:'Blog Feature' }}

Additional Feedback:

{{ person|lookup:'Tell Us Any Additional Thoughts' }}


Please help. Thanks!


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Hi @aeparillo 

I’ve given an example below which works and is a multi checkbox for interests in my form.

The notification email in the flow should have  {{ person|lookup:'interest' }} to display the values your contact selects in the multi checkbox.

In my example. the interests are captured in a profile property ‘interest’.

Hope that helps






This worked! Thank you.