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  • 21 July 2021
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I’m trying to build an upsell block for a Placed Order triggered post purchase email. I want the block NOT to show if they purchased this particular item, and SHOW if they did not purchase this item. This is what I tried and it doesn’t seem to be working. Please help! Thanks!



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3 replies

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Hi @KristaJoy,

Thanks for sharing this with the Klaviyo Community.

You’ll need to use the syntax for event variables using the hide/show feature. Using your example, with the collection name of PONYTALE. You’d want the statement to look like the following:

not "PONYTALE" in event.Collections

This will only display the block if PONYTALE is not a part of the collection(s) they purchased. If it is part of the collection they purchased, the block will hide.

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Thanks @dov.derin that did the trick! Now, how would you go about adding multiple rules? Say exclusing another collection?

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Hi @KristaJoy,

Thanks for your reply.

You can use “and” or “or” conditions to add multiples rules to the conditional hide/show statement. If you use “and”, you will require that the user meets both criteria. For example, using “HOUSE” as another collection:

not "PONYTALE" in event.Collections and not "HOUSE" in event.Collections